Green Moss Agate Baoding Balls

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Green moss agate is a semi-precious gemstone commonly found in limestone and granite that is formed usually from weathered volcanic rocks. It contains inclusions of minerals that resemble moss; however, it does not actually contain organic matter. The colors are formed by small amounts of metal, which are considered impurities in the formation. The colors that result depend on the metals' valence. Metaphysically, it is believed to help in one's pursuits, help uncover hidden treasure, improve the body's health and circulation, balance one's emotions, boost self-esteem, and protect against negativity. It is referred to as the "gardener's stone" because some believe that it helps bring a full crop. It also is viewed as a stone of compatibility and friendship because it is associated with the heart chakra.

Chiming Balls: No
2 balls per set

Comes in a velour pouch. Colors may vary.

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