Sodalite Baoding Balls

Medium 1.6"
Large 2.0"

Sodalite Baoding Balls have a rich deep blue color with streaks of white/cream and blues. We offer two different types: regular and spotty type.  The mineral is found in other colors, but it most famous for the royal blue color.  The stone and color became a favorite in many ornamental stone pieces after Princess Patricia choose the stone to decorate the interior of one of her houses in England.  Due to this, it is also known as Princess Blue.  The metaphysical properties of this stone are believed to strengthen the mind and help the mind connect with your feelings.  It is also associated with  enhancing communication, wisdom, and stability.

Chiming Balls: No
2 balls per set

Comes in a velour pouch. Colors may vary. 

Pictured Below: Regular on left, Spotty Type on right 

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