Baoding Ball Techniques

Looking for a good hand and finger exercise? Play the piano? Baoding Balls and Chinese exercise balls will build up your finger coordination and hand strength. You can practice with your balls almost anywhere when you are watching tv, bored, or just waiting around. People will take notice to your hand coordination when you become an expert handling the balls and they are also cool to look at.

As a beginner you should first start off with two balls that are not too big. Practice rotating them in your hand. At first you will probably be clanking the balls together just trying to get them moving. If you have the balls with chimes, you will notice how much noise they are making from the jerky and uneven movements. Concentrate on rotating the balls smoothly so they are not hitting each other. Start slowly and get faster as you improve. Once you can handle the smaller balls, move on to bigger exercise balls.

Got the hang of it and new a new challenge? Try adding a 3rd ball or fourth ball. Try rotating the 3 balls as a line so the end balls are not touching. Another thing you can do is rotate clockwise and then switch to a counter-clockwise rotation. Now try doing both hands in the same direction, thats sure to send some nerve traffic jams to your brain.

Check out these videos of different exercises you can do:

Some basic exercises at first and then the user goes into more dexterous techniques.

Round and round they go. This video shows fast rotation with large baoding balls without the balls touching, and he even reverses the direction on a dime. Can you spin them this fast?

3 Balls Each Hand. Notice the smoothness of the rotation. At first he rotates the 3 balls in a circular formation and then switches to a line formation where 2 balls rotate around a center ball.

4 Balls Each Hand. Notice the different techniques including rotating the balls in a pyramid with 1 ball on top of 3 balls.

5 Balls Each Hand. Very smooth and even.

7 Balls With Two Hands

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