Category: Baoding Balls
Yin and Yang Big Symbol Baoding Balls

Medium 1.6" Green
Large 1.8" Blue
Large 1.8" Green
Large 1.8" Red

These balls feature a large Yin and Yang symbol on the front and back of each ball.

The Yin and Yang are two symbols that represent opposing forces.  Yin represents the passive, dark, and negative forces while the Yang is the opposite representing the positive, light, and energetic forces. While they oppose each other, their characteristics are complementary aspects of each other because without Yin, there would be no Yang.

Hand crafted by elegant cloisonne enameling techniques.  No two balls are exactly alike.  Comes in a cloth covered box. Also known as Chinese exercise balls and Chinese health balls.

Chiming: Yes
2 balls per set

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