Dove with Olive Branch Baoding Balls


Dove with Olive Branch Baoding Balls


The dove with olive branch is a recognized symbol of peace, gracefulness, motherhood, and hope. Ancient Romans used the dove with olive branch to ask for peace in times of war. It is depicted in images of Noah’s ark as he sent the dove looking for land and it returned with an olive branch. The United States bald eagle seal shows the eagle holding an olive branch in one foot and arrows in the other. The head is turned towards the olive branch to show a desire for peace. While it may be awhile before the world is at peace, one can meditate with the dove baoding balls for inner peace.


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Weight of Pair

Medium: 5 to 6 oz., Large: 9 to 10 oz.

Approximate Size

Medium: 1.6 inches, Large: 2 inches