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Specializing in Baoding Balls

Quality Baoding Balls

As a store specializing in baoding balls since 2008, we ensure that you are purchasing high quality balls.  With our direct connections to suppliers and factories in China, we are able to maintain quality control of the balls we carry.

Hand with glove holding two chrome baoding balls
Person applying pressure to another person's hand
A perfect fit for your every day life

Helping Hands and Improving Lives

Our baoding balls have helped people in their daily lives of all types of activities. Your hands are core to your quality of life. From feedback from our customers, we learned they have helped people suffering from arthritis, stress, and stroke to kung fu, sports, and playing music. Those are just a few examples, the benefits are endless!

Top customer service

Personal Attention and Located in the USA

We will strive to make your experience with our store a 100% satisfied purchase. There are many places to buy baoding balls, but this is all we sell and wouldn’t you want customer service specific to your product? Many people come back to us for that reason and we hope you will too. Feel free to contact us any time.

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What Our Incredible Customers Say

Luke B.

"The previous ones I bought from here are awesome! And I wanted bigger ones. So thanks for selling these!"

Jared W.

"The use is exceptional for health and comfort. I'm a PC gamer and the claw hand grips can be painful. Using these greatly helps relieve the pain. And being a returning customer of 2 previous purchases I didn't look far but came straight here."

Alena E.

"They are a gift for a friend who plays bass and wants to strengthen his hands."

Anastasia T.

"This is a gift for my mother, who has arthritis and found that doing hand exercises with these balls can help the healing process."
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