Solid Copper Baoding Balls


Solid Copper Baoding Balls


Copper has been a popular choice as it combines the beneficial element of copper with the physical and mental benefits of steel baoding balls.  Copper has been used for thousands of years since the bronze age in various health remedies.

These copper balls are 99.9% solid copper.  A 1.5″ pair weighs 1.1 lb. and a 2″ pair weighs 2.6 lbs.

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Why Copper is Popular

  • Copper is an Essential Mineral – Your body needs the mineral copper is needed to survive. We absorb copper into our bodies through the natural environment from the air, water, food, and skin. It is a cofactor for enzymes called cuproenzymes (an enzyme containing copper atoms). What that means is that it assists the cuproenzyme in their chemical reactions. These enzymes are involved in your body’s energy production, iron metabolism, neuropeptide activation, connective tissue synthesis, and neurotransmitter synthesis.
  • Known for Treating Pain – One of the functions of copper in the body is connective tissue synthesis. The National Institutes of Health published copper’s link to to the enzyme lysyl oxidase and its function on connective tissues. The study shows controlling the available copper also controlled the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Elastin is a elastic protein that allows your tissues to stretch and retain their shape while collagen provides structural support in your connective tissues. It supports your muscles, skin, as well as bone and joint health.  This is a reason many believe copper you wear helps with joint pain as copper absorbed through the skin helps rebuild tissues. In another 2002 study by Robert L. Bratton, MD, people given copper bracelets showed a subjective improvement in pain scores. Today we have many copper infused products for improving pain and health.
  • Conductive Properties – In alternative therapies that deal with the flow of chi, copper is used for its conductive properties. Copper as an element is one of the best conducting metals of energy such as electricity and heat. It’s ability to conduct energy is believed by some people to have healing powers by conducting healing energy.

More About Copper

Copper is known as “the lucky metal” as well as “the healing metal” and humans have been attracted to its warmth and its deep rosy gold color from prehistory. Amulets, talismans and jewelry of all kinds have been discovered through archaeological digs throughout the world. Copper is prized for its spiritual, energetic and physical healing properties as well as for its protective and conductive nature.
The energy of Copper is believed to be cleansing, purifying and healing. The vibrations emitted by this mineral are used by some to enhance luck in all aspects of life, including love, money and spiritual connections with the divine. Copper is also believed to provide powerful protection against negative thoughts, beliefs, energies and entities.
Any stone or crystal that is placed in the near vicinity of copper has its own attributes amplified and enhanced. When used with petrified wood copper has enhanced healing properties for the treatment of minor physical ailments.

Metaphysical Applications of Copper
Due to its ability to conduct energy in all its forms, copper has a multitude of metaphysical properties, and can be used in a wide variety of settings and ways.
Copper will strengthen the ties between family members and lovers when used in a ritual or ceremony for this purpose. It can also be used if you are embarking on a path of self-development as it will help you to recognize any barriers that may be blocking your way. Copper can also be a great aid to you if you wish to raise your self-esteem and confidence as it cleanses feelings of self-doubt and negative self-image from your auric field. In the same way it can be used to lift mental burdens from you if you use it in a healing session. Reiki practitioners and energy healers may use copper in a treatment when the client is desirous of “letting go” of worries, anxieties or troublesome thoughts.
Copper is very beneficial if you find that you need to clear a mental “fog” which may be stopping you from reaching a decision or planning to reach a goal. It aids mental clarity, sharpens the focus of the mind and brings clear sightedness when used in meditation or therapy.

Using Copper to Enhance Spiritual Awareness
Copper is a very useful tool for establishing a connection with the Divine. It is a super conductor of energies of all kinds, and this is true of its ability to connect your soul to your body/mind and to the world of spirit, the Angelic realms and the Source of All That Is.
Use copper in meditations when your goal is to establish a connection with other beings or entities not of this earth. It will help with any work you wish to do to access wisdom and receive messages from your spirit guides or your guardian angel and, when placed on or near the Third Eye will enhance or awaken any psychic abilities you have or wish to have. It will amplify any messages sent between beings both human and of the astral planes. When doing spiritual work you may find that copper helps to enhance the emotions of love, gentleness and kindness in you, and in your client if you use it therapy sessions.
It will also help to channel messages from spirit in individuals who engage in this kind of work

Physical Healing with Copper
Many people swear by their copper bracelet when it comes to alleviating the pain of arthritis in the joints, but copper also has a beneficial effect on many other aspects of our physical well-being.
It can help to alleviate cramps, assist with the circulation of blood and lymph, improve oxygen usage and ease sciatic pain. It is also believed to aid in the detoxification of the body and to promote the efficient functioning of the glands.

How Baoding Balls Help You

  • Physical Benefits – Keep your hands, fingers, wrist, and arm healthy. Recommended by hand therapists, using baoding balls can strengthen your hands and keep them flexible helping to manage hand conditions such as arthritis and nerve damage. Also great for warming up your hands by increasing circulation before finger intensive activities such as playing instruments or gaming. Exercise while gaining hand dexterity and coordination.
  • Mental Benefits – Easy way to reduce stress and burn energy. Using baoding balls is very calming and often used with Tai chi and meditation. They keep the hands active and busy for those with restless or fidgety hands thereby improving focus and concentration.
  • Longevity – Stress is a leading cause of health problems and aging. By reducing stress you will live longer and happier.

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Weight of Balls

Medium: 1.1 lb., Large: 2.6 lbs.

Ball Size

Small: 1 inch, Medium: 1.5 inches, Large: 2 inches