1″ Solid Stainless Steel Pocket Sized Baoding Balls


1″ Solid Stainless Steel Pocket Sized Baoding Balls


The smallest baoding balls at only 1 inches and made from solid stainless steel.

  • Portable and something to keep your hands busy for stress relief.
  • Calming and reduces anxiety similar to worry beads.
  • Keeps blood circulating and muscles active in the hands while thinking and killing time.
  • Very small balls can be used for hands with limited function to use with hand therapy exercises.
  • Stainless steel is durable and won’t chip, tarnish, or get damaged.
  • Includes zipper pouch keeping your balls clean and easily accessible in your pocket.

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If you need something portable, these 1 inch balls are easily carried in your pocket. When you’re feeling a bit stressed and anxious, manipulating the small balls can help keep you calm. 

Older folks will recall this movie where small balls were used in a stressful situation. 

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Weight 6 oz


Weight of Pair

4.6 oz.