Tiger Iron Baoding Balls


Tiger Iron Baoding Balls


Tiger iron consists of beautiful blended layers of golden tiger eye, red jasper, and hematite. This composition gives the stone a unique sheen and iridescence. Metaphysically, it is believed to boost creativity and self-esteem, improve the body’s health, protect from negativity and harm, and improve stamina. It is associated with the root chakra.

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Tiger Iron is a stone of good luck, abundance and great fortune. Not just in your finances, but also in your career prospects and your relationships with others. It is a useful talisman to wear or carry when entering into any form of negotiation. It will help to overcome feelings of nervousness before sitting an exam or presenting your ideas in an important meeting. 

Metaphysical Applications of Tiger Iron

In the metaphysical arena, Tiger Iron is considered to be a stone of great power and protection. It has a strong vibration and is one of the best stones for sharpening perception and aiding in decision making. It boosts your own power and helps to overcome feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy. It is a stone of practicality and balance and for this reason is much prized for its ability to bring harmony where there are differences of opinion or religious beliefs. 

Tiger Iron warns us against complacency, and as it has such a dynamic resonance it encourages us to drive our ideas forward, to think laterally and ambitiously and to persevere in bringing our visions to fruition. 

Tiger Iron will also help us to overcome challenges in our personal lives, such as making radical lifestyle changes. If you are determined to kick a harmful habit, or to turn your whole lifestyle around by embracing a new way of eating, exercising or behaving, tiger Iron will feed your strength and will and bring positive energies into your etheric body to help you on your way. 

Feng Shui and Tiger Iron 

Tiger Iron is closely aligned to the fire element in feng shui terms and utilizes the energies of enthusiasm, warmth, action, brightness and illumination. For this reason it is a good stone to place in the south of your home or room where it will enhance your standing in the eyes of both family and community. It is allied to the concepts of fame and reputation as well as the dynamics of successful sexual relationships.  

Using Tiger Iron to Enhance Spiritual Awareness

In spiritual terms, Tiger Iron grounds the energy of the sun into the earth and brings dynamism and action to the user. It also grounds solar energy into the body by stimulating the lower chakras. The base chakra, the color of which is red, is responsible for protecting us materially and helping us to feel safe and secure in our physical needs. The sacral chakra, with its orange hue, is responsible for our sexuality, among other things, and governs the reproductive organs and the genito-urinary tract. Tiger Iron therefore brings confidence and alleviates misplaced feelings of shame in our attitudes towards sexual activity. The solar plexus, with its sunshine yellow color, is the powerhouse of the chakra system and, when in balance spiritually, allows the Chi or universal energy to flow freely through all of our bodily systems, both physical and etheric. 

Tiger Iron will cleanse and balance these three lower chakras if used with intent during a meditation or healing session. It will also allow us to open up channels of communication to the fire elementals, the archangel Michael, who wields a fiery sword for our protection, and with your own solar angel.

Tiger Iron will help to harness the mighty power of the sun itself if you wish to draw it down into your body and mind. 

Healing With Tiger Iron 

Tiger Iron increases vitality and strength in the physical body and restores balance to the body on all levels. It is a fortifier of the blood, and can be useful in treating anemia. It is thought to boost the endocrine system and to have a beneficial effect on our hormones and biochemistry. It protects and strengthens the reproductive organs and systems in both males and females and may aid in fertility problems in either sex.  

As tiger Iron holds the energy of the sun it can be very useful in treating SAD (seasonally affected disorder) and may help to lift the spirits of those suffering from depression. It is reputed to relieve asthma attacks and to help in balancing blood pressure. Energetically, its applications include brain function balancing and cleansing, clearing and balancing the solar plexus. As we hold many tensions and emotions in this area, often referred to as the gut, placing tiger iron on the solar plexus alleviates feelings of anxiety and helps to release tightness arising through fear or nervousness.  

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Weight of Pair

Medium: 8 to 9 oz., Large: 16 to 17 oz.

Approximate Size

Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large: 1.9 to 2 inches