Citrine Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Citrine Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Citrine is a variety of quartz that can have a golden yellow color. Citrina is the latin word for yellow which is where the gemstone’s name comes from. Its bright color is radiant like the sun which associates the gemstone with joyous feelings and energy like being in sunlight. Using citrine brightens your outlook and positive opportunities.

The energy of orgonite comes from quartz crystals cast in resin with metal.  These baoding balls imitate citrine by coloring the resin used with the quartz and made into orgonite with a copper yin yang spiral for channeling energy. The natural properties of the quartz are unaffected. A user of orgonite uses the object for its bio-energy, protective, and spiritual properties.

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Weight of Pair

Medium: 4 to 5 oz., Large: 9 to 10 oz.

Approximate Size

Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large: 2 to 2.1 inches