Rose Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Rose Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Rose Quartz is a semi-precious gemstone crystal thought to have healing and metaphysical properties. As a gemstone, it is a rare color only found in a few areas of the world. Gem and crystal dealers sell them for their beauty and often price one rose quartz sphere higher than we sell the pair. Metaphysically, the pink colored quartz is believed to be powerful for healing affairs with the heart. It helps bring peace and opens your mind for self-love and love for others.

These baoding balls are made into orgonite with a combination of rose quartz stone cast in resin with a copper spiral for channeling energy. A user of orgonite uses the object for its bio-energy, protective, and spiritual properties.

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Rose quartz is the stone of love. Its delicate pink hues are delightful to look at as to hold and its vibration is that of universal, unconditional love, making it a reassuring and comforting crystal. Rose quartz restores harmony and trust in relationships. It helps the user to promote self-love and to release feelings of unworthiness or self-criticism.

Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz dispels negativity and is a good protective stone to use in the workplace, especially if you are exposed to artificial light and to computers and other technological devices. It is a mothering crystal, meaning that it has a very nurturing vibration that brings comfort and reassurance to new mothers, babies and to anyone who has lost their own mother. It can be used to strengthen the bonds of love between mother and baby.

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you wish to enhance your enjoyment of the sensual aspect of your relationship as it is a powerful aphrodisiac and promotes feelings of love, connection and pleasure in the physical aspects of adult relationships.  Rose Quartz will also be of benefit to you if you wish to heal your heart following the ending of a relationship. Its gentle, yet powerful, vibration of universal love brings comfort and hope to anyone who is feeling betrayed or abandoned. It will help to re-establish trust if this is an issue for you and will also comfort and support you if you decide that you need to end a relationship for the highest good of all involved.

Rose quartz is excellent for use in a crisis or following trauma of any kind. It amplifies the vibrations of compassion and empathy and also aids in the acceptance of necessary change. If you are sensitive to the negative vibrations of others you will find that rose quartz provides protection against unwanted intrusions of others into your energy field.

Feng Shui and Rose Quartz

The relationship corner of your house is in the southwest and it is especially beneficial to place rose quartz in this area. If you wish to attract love into your home place twin pieces of rose quartz on a small altar or shrine in the southwest part of the house.

Rose Quartz is aligned with, and utilizes a subdued fire energy in terms of feng shui. Fire energy is the energy of passion, enthusiasm, brightness, warmth, activity and illumination. Bringing all of these attributes into your home, or your workplace will enhance your life in very positive ways. Rose quartz in the bedroom stimulates sensuality and passion.

Rose Quartz to Enhance Spiritual Awareness

Spiritually, rose quartz is an excellent stone to use to help you establish a connection with the divine. It is the crystal associated with the heart chakra and with the archangel Chamuel, angel of divine love. It is feminine in tone, and has a natural affinity with Gaia, the Earth Mother, so it will aid in any work you may be doing to connect to the planet for your own healing and for the healing of the earth.

The vibrations of rose quartz can penetrate down to the cellular level so it is very beneficial for reprogramming cells for joy and health. The qualities of rose quartz is powerful enough to dissolve anger and resentment, fear and suspicion, as long as you set the intention to do so. It will help to restore faith in the benevolence of the universe and will help to restore and strengthen a wavering faith or a tendency towards despair.

Healing Energy of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, unsurprisingly, is very beneficial for the heart and circulatory system. It can hasten recovery from illness, help to balance blood pressure, and aid in the alleviation of breathing problems. It aids in the alleviation of tension and stress and also in the treatment of irregular heart beat or palpitations. It is often used to clear impurities from the cells of the body and in supporting the function of the kidneys and adrenals.

Rose quartz is a good stone to turn to if you are trying to conceive a child as it is believed to have the power to increase fertility. It is particularly supportive of the female reproductive organs.

Other uses for rose quartz include rubbing a polished stone on the skin to soothe burns and mixing into an elixir with oil and water to form a treatment for clearing the skin and promoting a soft complexion.

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