Black Obsidian Baoding Balls


Black Obsidian Baoding Balls


Black obsidian is a jet black stone formed from volcanic eruptions. The lava from the volcanoes cools and forms the solid black stone. One carries black obsidian when they want protection from negative energy. Used since historic times, black obsidian was used to drive away evil spirits and to make weapons. Metaphysically, it is called the truth stone for its ability to reveal secrets and mysteries about the person working with it.

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Obsidian is most often found in its glossy jet black form, although there are many varieties of this popular and powerful stone. It is also referred to as volcano glass as it is formed from molten lava in the last stages of a volcanic eruption.

Metaphysical Applications of Back Obsidian
Obsidian has many metaphysical properties that can prove useful in your everyday life, as well as shamanic and ritual applications. It is considered to be a very personal stone and it is best to buy and use your own stone as it will very quickly absorb your unique vibration and energetic blueprint. It is a great rescue remedy for shock and trauma and will ground you very effectively if placed between the feet during times of turmoil.

It is a powerful stone of protection against the intrusions of others into your energy field. If you are a sensitive soul and prone to absorb the problems and stresses of others to your own detriment, wear a necklace of other form of obsidian jewelry to protect and shield you when you feel vulnerable to this kind of influence. If you are experiencing bullying of any kind keep obsidian with you, preferably on show, until the unwanted behavior stops.

Nothing is hidden from Obsidian, so be wary of you are not yet ready to address your own shadow side! It is the talisman of those who dare to truly see into the heart of things and will facilitate any ritual or exercise concerned with revealing your issues or demons. It helps to clear energetic blockages and to bring everything out into the light so that it can be transmuted and healed.

Obsidian has long been prized by shamans and wise women in all cultures, and it can be brutal in its effect. However, this quality also makes it an excellent stone for achieving catharsis and deep soul healing.

It will block geopathic stress and is an excellent stone for soaking up environmental pollution, making it a favorite talisman for eco warriors and environmental activists.

Feng Shui and Black Obsidian
Even though Obsidian is born of fire in the heart of the volcano, it utilizes water energy in feng shui terms. This is the energy of purification, stillness and quiet strength. It is also the energy of the will and of ceaseless drive. The water element embodies the energy of the circle of life and the power of regeneration.

Water is associated with the north area of the home, so place Obsidian in the north to attract the vibrations of repose, reflection, meditation and prayer. The north corner is associated with career and life path and the flowing energy of Obsidian ensures balance and harmony as your life and work unfold and move forward.

Using Black Obsidian to Enhance Spiritual Awareness
Obsidian draws you inward spiritually, to the place of truth at the center of your being. It is a stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing and will stimulate the integration of the body with mind and spirit. It is excellent for removing blockages and detritus from past lives and past experiences in this life. It will activate any unknown abilities you may be holding in your etheric body, and is also highly effective for expanding the consciousness during meditation.

All forms of the stone stimulate the healing of the emotions and will help you if you feel you have lost your power to another. If your spirit has been wounded Obsidian will mend the tears or rifts that cause distress arising from a loss of connection with both the Higher realms and one’s own soul.

It is the best stone of all for connecting with the Spirit of the Earth, Mother Gaia. It strengthens and supports the base chakra and forms a bridge between this center and the earth star chakra which lies beneath the feet. The earth star holds the soul into incarnation and creates a strong connection to the planet, acting as a conduit for the egress of all excess and imbalanced energies so that they flow out of the body and into the earth for transmutation.

Healing with Back Obsidian
Physically, Obsidian is thought to relieve tension in the muscles of the upper back, spine and neck. It helps to combat stress, improves circulation and arterial blood flow in particular. It enhances the immune system, accelerates the healing of wounds, aids digestion and promotes strength in both the physical body and the mind or emotions.

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