Bloodstone Baoding Balls


Bloodstone Baoding Balls


Bloodstone gets its meaning from Greek which means sun turning. It is a dark green stone with spots or bands of red that resemble drops of blood. Because of this, it was often carried in amulets or jewelry as it was believed to stop bleeding and wounds.

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Bloodstone is particularly beautiful member of the jasper family being of a deep earthy green shot through with carnelian and crimson veins or spots. Often called the Sunstone or Heliotrope, from the Greek, its energy is attuned to the vibrancy of the sun and carries attributes of vitality, rebirth, passion and courage. The virtues of bloodstone are both magical and mystical and it is a protective, nurturing stone for all.

Metaphysical Applications of Bloodstone
Bloodstone can be held when the wearer needs protection from bullying or undue pressures from figures of authority. It brings strength when facing a change of circumstances or starting a new job.

Bloodstone brings mental clarity and is a great aid in decision making. It will heighten and enhance your natural intuitive abilities and help you to make decisions that are of the greatest benefit to all involved. It can revitalize the body and mind during times of stress induced exhaustion as well as increasing our capacities for creativity in all areas of our lives. If you are trying to see a project through from inception to final manifestation Bloodstone is a very useful friend.

Bloodstone has strong connections with the Mother Goddess and is useful as a mediator is tense or difficult situations involving individuals who have different points of view. It is especially useful for any situation that needs resolving between mothers and their offspring.

Feng Shui and Bloodstone
Bloodstone utilizes wood energy in terms of feng shui, which means that it is closely aligned to growth, both physical and emotional, new beginnings, health and nourishment. Use bloodstone in the areas of the southeast and east in home or workplace, especially in the places where you may be starting a new project. Bloodstone helps to attract prosperity and abundance to your family and helps to maintain good health and a positive mental attitude in the home.

Using Bloodstone to Enhance Spiritual Awareness
Bloodstone is a useful grounding stone and is helpful if you are working on creating or enhancing a connection to the higher realms. It was known as the “Christ Stone” in ancient times and is believed to help those who wish to increase their Christ consciousness in spiritual terms. It helps to bring one’s spirituality into everyday life as well as amplifying our ability to access other worldly wisdom and spiritual truths during meditation.

Bloodstone and Healing
Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope, because of its strong connection to the life-giving Sun. Its connection to healing many conditions of the blood and the detoxification of the system dates back thousands of years to Mesopotamia, an ancient region located in the eastern Mediterranean.

It helps with the coagulation of the blood following a wound or injury and for this reason was often carried into by warriors into battle. It was also believed to cure the putrefaction of wounds or abscesses within a day. Ground into a powder and mixed with honey it proves to be a very effective antiseptic and has astringent qualities that prevent infection entering damaged areas of the body such as the skin or the throat. It is also thought to be a very effective protector of the immune system, guarding against disease and infection.

Bloodstone is also thought to be a great ally for women during childbearing years and has a supportive and beneficial effect on the endocrine and hormonal systems.

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Weight of Pair

Medium: 6 to 7 oz., Large: 11 to 12 oz.

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Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large: 1.9 to 2 inches