Malachite Orgonite Baoding Balls


Malachite Orgonite Baoding Balls


Malachite which was derived from words meaning “mallow-green stone” was named so after resembling the leaves of the mallow plant. It is a gemstone mined as early as 3,000 years ago for it’s color and properties. The stone carries many metaphysical and spiritual beliefs such as helping people with sleep and keeping evil spirits away.

These baoding balls are made into orgonite with a combination of real natural malachite cast in resin with a copper symbol for channeling energy. A user of orgonite uses the object for its bio-energy, protective, and spiritual properties.

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Malachite is a stone of transformation, making it ideal for those working on spiritual growth. It also has a deep and abiding connection with the natural kingdoms of plants, animals and minerals of the earth. Malachite heals on all levels and is very good for drawing out impurities and stimulating the life force energy throughout the body.

Metaphysical Properties of Malachite 

On a metaphysical level malachite is especially useful for absorbing negative vibrations from the atmosphere. It is also able to guard against radiation of all kinds, including the waves given off by computers and other electronic devices. Malachite is a good companion for travelers, especially those who are flying and feeling apprehensive or fearful. It helps to overcome anxiety, especially if you call upon Archangel Raphael to protect you, and will soothe feelings of jet lag after long haul flights. 

Use malachite to show you what may be blocking your spiritual growth. Placing a piece of the stone on your throat during meditation or relaxation will help you to recognize psychosomatic cause of physical ailments and then to break unwanted ties to past actions or events. It will also encourage the expression of feelings, alleviate shyness, support friendships and instill empathy, especially if you frequently wear a choker or necklace of the crystal. Using this stone also brings emotional strength and confidence to those who are unsure of their place in the universe. 

Feng Shui and Malachite

Green Malachite is aligned with Wood Energy in feng shui terms, meaning that it encourages new beginnings and supports vigorous growth. Place pieces of this stone in the East and Southeast areas of the home to promote prosperity and abundance. 

Malachite to Enhance Spiritual Awareness

The pure green rays of energy with which green malachite is associated mean that it is strongly connected to the heart chakra. This chakra needs frequent clearing in the vast majority of people in order to open us up to the possibilities of both earthly and divine love in our lives. 

Malachite also has the ability to serve different purposes for different people. If you are involved in humanitarian and ecological projects, Malachite will help you in your work to ground the higher energies into the planet to aid in this work. If you are working with purification on a spiritual level, malachite can act as a powerful cleanser or purgative in order to rid the body and mind of harmful or negative frequencies that may be holding back your spiritual growth. It can act as a mirror to the subconscious mind, reflecting anything that needs to be cleansed or removed back into the conscious mind where it can be dealt with 

Healing Energy of Malachite 

Malachite is sometimes referred to as The Midwife Stone because of its affinity with the female sexual and reproductive organs. It is believed to help to ease the pain of menstruation and alleviate the symptoms of menopause. 

It is known for its ability to bring blood pressure into balance and to relieve cold seats, malarial fevers, trembling and rheumatic pain. It is also a diuretic stone and can be effective in the treatment of disorders of the bladder and kidneys, including kidney and gallstones. 

Malachite will help to fight travel sickness, dizziness and vertigo as well as epilepsy. It strengthens and enhances the immune system and acts as a stimulant to the liver to release toxins.

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Weight of Pair

Medium: 5 to 6 oz., Large: 9 to 10 oz.

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Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large: 2 to 2.1 inches