Amethyst Orgonite Baoding Balls


Amethyst Orgonite Baoding Balls


Amethyst is a quartz with a violet color. The origin of the name comes from Greek “a-methustos” meaning not intoxicated because it was believed to protect one from drunkenness. The purple color comes from iron impurities in the quartz and natural irradiation. It is a favorite gemstone used in jewelry used since the ancient Egyptians.

These baoding balls are made into orgonite with a combination of amethyst gemstones cast in resin with a copper yin yang spiral for channeling energy. A user of orgonite uses the object for its bio-energy, protective, and spiritual properties.

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Amethyst is a variety of Quartz and is a very common crystal, found in many locations around the world and in many forms, from enormous geodes to small clusters. It is also an extremely beautiful crystal and is often made into stunning jewelry. It is the presence of manganese in Amethyst that gives it its purple color, and additional amounts of iron produces stones of deeper hues. Amethyst has been prized, and even revered throughout human history as a stone of great beauty and strong vibrational qualities bringing great benefits to the wearer.

Metaphysical Applications of Amethyst
One of the qualities of amethyst is its ability to enhance creativity and to assist endeavors that utilize existing tools or methods to create new and unique artifacts or ideas. It is a talisman for poets, artists and composers. Amethyst is also known as the universal healer because of its remarkable effectiveness in healing plants, humans and animals. Try placing an amethyst cluster in a place where your pet refuses to sit and see how long it takes to make a difference! You may be surprised. It is also a helpful crystal for gardeners and plant lovers as it will encourage plants to grow in barren areas as well as stimulating healthy growth in existing specimens.

Amethyst protects against psychic attack, ill-wishing, negative thoughts or intentions and unwanted entities in your etheric field. It simply transmutes the negativity and sends it back to the earth for transmutation.

Amethyst is also an excellent tranquilizer, assisting in the transmission of neural signals in the brain. It will soothe and calm anxious minds as well as bringing relief from insomnia or hyperactivity.

Amethyst is the stone of faithful lovers and of St Valentine and is sometimes known as the “couple’s stone” because it gives meaning to relationships over lengthy periods of time. Wear as an engagement or eternity ring to encourage fidelity, or as a locket to call back lost love.

Feng Shui and Amethyst
Amethyst utilizes fire energy and brings warmth and enthusiasm to spaces in the home or workplace. Fire energy is Yang in essence meaning that it induces passion and movement, both physical and emotional when placed in the south area of a room or home.

Using Amethyst to Enhance Spiritual Awareness
Amethyst is a remarkable crystal and is much loved for its ability to amplify feelings of contentment and peace, even in our busy modern world. It is a very spiritual stone, aligned closely with the third eye chakra and the qualities of clear sightedness and psychic clairvoyance.

Use amethyst to stimulate your own psychic abilities by placing it on the brow during relaxation and meditation. Call upon Archangel Uriel to help you to open your third eye in a safe way for you. Amethyst is a natural protector and its high vibration will help to purify your aura and protect you against negative or harmful influences.

Amethyst is also associated with humility and devotion to the divine and to spirit, making it highly conducive to meditations on the higher planes. If you wish to strengthen your bond with the divine, or the angelic realms, use amethyst crystals to cleanse and purify your space before entering into prayer or meditation.

Healing with Amethyst
Amethyst is reputed to have a tempering effect on all kinds of addiction related disorders. The Romans believed that drinking from a cup studded with amethysts would ensure that the drinker did not suffer from intoxication. It is a very balanced stone and can help those who wish to give up any form of addictive behavior, from drug taking to gambling.

Amethyst boosts the endocrine glands and has a beneficial effect on hormones, keeping their production in balance and the body at optimum performance levels. It can aid in the treatment of arthritis and reduces swelling and bruising. It also supports the digestive tract, heart and stomach.

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