Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Quartz Orgonite Baoding Balls


Clear quartz, also known as rock crystal, is a semi-precious gemstone that has phantoms and rainbow inclusions. Metaphysically, it is believed to have healing powers, increase Chi energy, remove negativity, promote harmony, bring clarity to the mind, boost the immune system, protect from radiation, and dispel static. It also is believed to be able to amplify the energy of any other crystals it is used with. Many use it during meditation and spiritual development, and it is believed to align all chakras and clear psychic debris from the aura.

These baoding balls are made into orgonite with a combination of quartz cast in resin with a copper spiral for channeling energy. A user of orgonite uses the object for its bio-energy, protective, and spiritual properties.

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There are countless gemstones, minerals and crystals throughout the world, but when people talk of “crystals” they are usually referring to clear quartz. This pure, sparkling stone will uplift anyone’s spirits and clear quartz crystals can confidently be described as being the supreme gift to humanity from Mother Earth.

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz

As a healing stone, clear quartz is second to none. Meditating with, wearing or carrying clear quartz will open your mind and heart to the realm of spirit.

Clear quartz has the remarkable property of being able to resonate at the level of each individual’s needs. It also acts as an amplifier for whatever intent or energy is programmed into it. It can then be used to disperse the intent out into the physical world and into the ether. 

Clear quartz cleanses the aura like no other crystal and will help to accelerate and intensify spiritual growth and the achievement of any goal. For a constant supply of personal energy carry or use clear quartz crystal at all times. They make excellent rubbing stones and serve to uplift the mood, strengthen one’s motivation and comfort the soul in times of stress or sorrow. 

Use clear quartz as a professional support stone if you work as a healer, musician or artist. 

Feng Shui and Clear Quartz

The way in which clear quartz crystals act as a prism for the whole spectrum of colors means that they draw in light and energy from the sun and disperse it throughout the room. Clear quartz will uplift your spirits and bring the sunshine indoors, wherever you place it.  

Clear Quartz to Enhance Spiritual Awareness

For those who are already on a spiritual path in life clear quartz can act like a beacon, illuminating situations and truths, amplifying spiritual messages and strengthening the connection between human and divine. Clear quartz emits positive ions which makes it incredibly efficient at cleansing toxic or unwanted energies from your aura. These crystals form a bridge of connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds and will enhance any work you may undertake in healing the planet. It facilitates communication with other-worldly beings and masters and provides a constant source of positive energy to be used daily in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. 

Use clear quartz when working with the Angelic Realms in order to bring discipline and clarity to a situation or to your own thoughts. 

Healing Energy of Clear Quartz 

The wonderful thing about clear quartz in healing terms is that it is a master crystal that can be used for any condition. It is believed to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems. To enhance energy flow and bring all the cells of the body into balance. It can be used to treat migraine, dizziness and vertigo. It is also beneficial for nervous exhaustion and to aid weight loss.

Mentally, clear quartz is thought to bring strength and clarity to one’s thought processes, aiding concentration and memory. It also has a hypnotic resonance that make it ideal for the treatment of insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns.

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Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large: 2 to 2.1 inches