Hematite Baoding Balls


Hematite Baoding Balls


Hematite is our heaviest gemstone pair of balls. It is the mineral form of iron oxide and is steel/silver gray in color. . Metaphysically, it is believed to aid in the mind’s capacity, organization, and clarity, encourage higher achievement and confidence, prevent negativity, improve the body’s health, help with insomnia, and calm the nerves. It is believed to bring the chakras and yin and yang into balance.

These balls were made from solid natural hematite stone and can contain natural lines and mineral inclusions.  It is different than hematite beads and stones that are artificially made from hematine.

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Hematite can sometimes be called black diamond. The term hematite is derived from a Greek word “haima” meaning blood. It is associated with the Greek god of war, Ares, and the Romans god of war, Mars. The Romans adorned themselves with hematite, and used the mineral to paint their faces. This provided strength, and made them fearless and invincible.

Made of Natural Hematite

Hold in your hands natural hematite with our baoding balls. Most hematite sold, including magnetic hematite, are artificially made with a ferrite called hematine which is the material used to make magnets. Natural hematite looks different with many beautiful patterns and sparkles.  These hematite baoding balls were hand cut from rough hematite stone and polished into balls you’ll be sure to admire.

Hematite rough

Hematite is the chief ore of iron. Oxygen molecules are closely packed and mixed with iron to form the stone. It is the most widespread iron mineral and a valuable source for iron. You will find hematite ranging from many, different colors like silvery gray, black to blood red. It builds on each other to form successions of crystalline plates. It also leaves a red spot when drawn to the surface. Most popular forms of hematite are the silvery gray, which is utilized for decorative purposes, carvings, and jewelry.

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Weight of Pair

Medium: 11 to 12 oz., Large: 20 to 23 oz.

Approximate Size

Medium: 1.5 to 1.6 inches, Large, 2 to 2.1 inches