Premium Bagua Baoding Balls


Premium Bagua Baoding Balls


Bagua’s are one of the tools used by Feng Shui masters to help determine which spaces in the home and/or office will create the most ideal harmonious energy flow.  This energy flow is said to enhance key aspects of one’s life, including love, wealth, family, etc.

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Premium classic baoding balls are made with higher level of quality.  The balls are made with thicker metal and have more elegant designs over the entire ball featuring more artistic detail and color. Comes with a beautiful custom deluxe brocade box. Premium baoding balls make a great gift or to keep for yourself!

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Weight of Pair

Large: 10 to 11 oz., Medium: 5 to 6 oz.

What's Included

2 Premium Balls, 1 Deluxe Brocade Box