How Fidgeting is Good for Concentration

Remember the explosion of fidget spinners into the market? Why were they so popular and do they actually have any usefulness you might have wondered. What we find is that fidgeting helps concentration more than you might have expected. Baoding ball users have known about this phenomenon since ancient times. Baoding balls where the original fidget spinners you could say. Now there are many studies that show keeping your hands busy actually helps the mind with concentration.

Professors using fidget spinners

ADHD Research Found Fidgeting Improves Focus

John Ratey, M.D. studied the connection of the body to the brain. He found small physical activity such as fidgeting increases levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals play key roles in the brain for focus and attention.

Man concentrating visualizing math equations

Another researcher, Sydney Zentrall, Ph.D., found a cause of attention deficit is because people get bored at tasks and tune out. Doing something else at the same time helps a person focus at the primary task.

Study Found Stress Balls Improved Learning

In one stress ball study, students were tested and observed before and after giving them stress balls in the classroom. What they found was the number of distractions decreased, attention span increased, and their performance improved. In one of the results, auditory learners performance increased by 15%, visual learners increased by 10%, and kinesthetic learners by 8%. One student with ADHD improved by 27%. Majority of the students agreed their improvements were because of the stress ball use.

Psychological Study Found Dual Tasks Improved Memory

A memory study done by the University of Plymouth tested people to recall names after listening to a recording. The recording was quite dull and the people were conditioned to be in a bored state by making them do another boring task first and then making them think they were about to go home. They found that the people who were listening while doing another task with their hands had 29% better memory recall. It showed that doing something with your hands, can help concentration and memory.

Chimp doing memory test on a computer

Fidgeting Children Learned More Quickly

Dr Pine of the University of Hertfordshire, studied school children allowing some to fidget while making another group keep their hands still. They discovered that the fidgeting children learned faster and got the correct answer more than the children not allowed to move.

gif of bored expression

Fidget with Baoding Balls for Better Concentration

Many more studies have similar findings, that the movement of the body affects your concentration and focus.

Mechanical hand rotating baoding balls
Unless you’re a robot, it’s inevitable that your mind will wander and daydream

Being bored dulls the mind and your cognitive ability declines. Baoding balls are a tool to keep you alert. The use of them can keep your brain focused improving your concentration at the tasks you are doing.

Baoding Ball Books and Media

There have been various books written and video dvds created on baoding balls. If your giving a pair of balls as a gift to someone, a book or dvd to go along with it might be a good combo. Here’s what you can expect if you’re looking at one of these.

The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls

By Ab Williams

This book by Ab Williams discusses various aspects of Chinese health balls. The chapters are fairly short and mainly a general overview. It would he a suitable book for someone who would be interested in a basic history on the health balls, Chinese medicine, and ball exercises. There are some drawn illustrations and some photos of different baoding balls. You can usually find this book used for $5 to $6.

Book Description by Publisher:

Do you own a set of Chinese Health Balls? Known as Baoding balls, Baud balls, or just health balls, they’re certainly much more than a curio! People have been using them for centuries. The balls are explained, exercises are include, the treatments revealed – here, for the first time!

More and more people in the West are looking for answers in Eastern medicine, lifestyle and therapies. Just about everyone has heard of yoga, meditation, acupuncture. This book is aimed at drawing your attention to the still relatively unknown phenomenon of Chinese Health Balls.

Step by step, you can practice the many exercises to master Meridian Ball Therapy, a therapy that can make a significant contribution to your physical and spiritual health!

Amazon Link

Chinese Health Balls Practical Exercises

By Hans Hoting

This book is very similar the the book by Ab Williams, as if that book was a rewritten version of this book to make a new book. The publisher is the same so maybe that is why. However, this book has more depth on health ball effects and exercises while Ab’s book has more pages on Chinese Medicine and history. You can find this book used from $4 to $7 as well.

Book Description by Publisher:

You’ve seen them in all the catalogs and stores that sell health products. How do you use them? Are they just for fun? Are they just an interesting and unusual gift? The instructions say that you should move them around in the palm of your hand. But why?

Actually they are an ancient Chines fitness technique that has been in use since the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). They are believed to be a benefit to the nervous system, they improve memory, stimulate circulation, relax the muscles and tune the chi (life energy). They have even been used to prevent hypertension and arthritis. In this book, you will learn about your nervous system so that you can practice the exercises that will bring you optimum energy.

The author discusses meditation exercise, walking exercises, using them for massage, as well as working with the energy in the palms of your hands so that you can strengthen the yin/yang energy in your body.

Amazon Link

Qi Gong with Chinese Meditation Balls

with Fang-Chih Lee

If you’re into qi gong, then this might be of interest to you. It is a DVD on using baoding balls with qi gong movements. The creator is a qi gong instructor and it has 4 chapters. The first 2 have some basic info on the Chinese balls and the use, nothing too advanced. The last 2 chapters involve qi gong. Chapter 3 is a little over 6 minutes on fundamental motions with the balls, and chapter 4 is 18 minutes of a full qi gong sequence with the Chinese balls. It does label each of the sequences so you can learn them. For $6 it is an inexpensive way to take her lesson and class.

Amazon Link

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Baoding Ball Tricks

Take your baoding ball skills to the next level by mastering these ball movements. 

1. Back of the hand rotation

Harder than it looks, this movement is a difficult one to do. Who knew you could do that until you saw it right?

Rotating 2 baoding balls on the back of the hand

2. Jumping with 3 balls

Instead of rotating the flats in a clockwise pattern, jump the balls over each other rotating them in a vertical pattern.

Baoding ball jumping trick with 3 balls

3. Pyramid with 4 balls

Rotate four balls in one hand and transform it into a pyramid with one ball spinning on top of three balls.

Rotating 4 baoding balls in a pyramid

4. Pyramid with 5 balls

Same exercise as the four ball pyramid, but increasing the technique to use five balls.

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