Baoding Ball Tricks

Take your baoding ball skills to the next level by mastering these ball movements. 

1. Back of the hand rotation

Harder than it looks, this movement is a difficult one to do. Who knew you could do that until you saw it right?

Rotating 2 baoding balls on the back of the hand

2. Jumping with 3 balls

Instead of rotating the flats in a clockwise pattern, jump the balls over each other rotating them in a vertical pattern.

Baoding ball jumping trick with 3 balls

3. Pyramid with 4 balls

Rotate four balls in one hand and transform it into a pyramid with one ball spinning on top of three balls.

Rotating 4 baoding balls in a pyramid

4. Pyramid with 5 balls

Same exercise as the four ball pyramid, but increasing the technique to use five balls.

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