Thermal image of raynaud disease

Cold Hands All the Time Could Be a Disease

If your fingers and toes are constantly cold to the touch while your body is warm, it could be a sign of Raynaud’s disease. This disease affects areas of the body like your fingers where the blood vessels shrink and restrict circulation and blood flow.

During times of stress or being in cold temperatures, your fingers may become numb, have a prickly sensation, and may even change color. For people that smoke, this can exacerbate the condition as smoking constricts the blood vessels. There’s limited treatment one can do besides trying to keep the areas warm and blood circulation moving.

Fingers with low blood circulation
Low blood circulation can lead to numbness, a pale appearance, and cold fingers.

If you have cold fingers, using baoding balls could be a method to keep your fingers moving. You will discover that after using the baoding balls for several minutes, the balls will warm up from the heat generated by your exercising hands. They can also be used with cotton gloves. Many users actually like wearing gloves as it can reduce friction when rolling the balls. These exercises along with keeping the hands warm can help remedy the condition.

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