Using Baoding Balls With Your Feet

Did you know that baoding balls could be used with the feet? You can use them in a similar way as foot massage balls. When you’re working at your desk and your hands are busy, your feet can be busy also! Here are some ideas you can try out when your hands are busy.

Foot Reflexology Chart

Foot Reflexology – The feet, just like with hand reflexology, have certain areas that are linked with your organs. While you are sitting at your desk, place the balls on a carpet floor. If your floor is hard, place a towel, blanket, or a mat under the balls so they don’t roll away too easily. Then with the baoding ball under your foot, use your foot the roll the ball back and fourth. Then roll the balls in a circular motion. You can also place 2 balls next to each other and try to control both at the same time roll them forward and backward. Repeat the exercises with your other foot or at the same time in a rhythmic motion. This will stimulate those acupressure points in your feet.

Foot Massage – For sore feet or restless legs, you can do the same rolling exercises described in foot reflexology, but take it one step further. In this step you place the baoding ball against the bottom or side of your foot and use your other foot to press and roll the ball against it. Massage

Dexterity Training – You can practice different exercises and patterns maneuvering the balls with your feet. Try different combinations of movements going clockwise, counterclockwise, two feet at the same time, using the toes, using the heel, and switching back and fourth. Then you can try using the balls with your feet at the same time as your hands for an even greater challenge.

Baoding balls are mainly used for the hands, but sometimes its good to switch things up and doing some exercises or massage with the feet is something you can try. You might find that it helps!

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