Dentist working on patient

Baoding Balls can Improve your Career

Are you an future surgeon, dentist, or musician? Many careers like these require skillful manual dexterity, the ability to use your hands in a coordinated way to grab and manipulate objects and perform small precise movements.

As one example, the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) has a section that specifically tests manual dexterity because dentists must work on in a small area with precision. Fine hand-eye coordination is needed to keep patients safe. The American Dental Education Association explains that they test this to make sure people will enjoy doing this work for long hours and not get frustrated as dental school can be very expensive.

While dentistry is an obvious career that needs good manual dexterity, there are many other careers that manual dexterity is important. Just some of these jobs were listed as needing manual dexterity:

  • Millwrights
  • Surgeons
  • Sewers
  • Explosive Workers
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
  • Iron and Steel Workers
  • Upholsterers
  • Automotive Specialty Technicians
  • Massage Therapists
  • Electrical Installers
  • Jewelers
  • Robot Technicians
  • Plumbers

  • Farm Equipment Mechanics
  • Patternmakers
  • Home Installers
  • Oral Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Motorcycle Mechanics
  • Cabinetmakers
  • Hairdressers
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Cement Masons
  • Tire Changers
  • Construction Workers
  • Carpenters

Building manual dexterity can have a positive effect on your job. Manual dexterity is important for many jobs we often don’t realize. In one case of a previous customer, the large oil company ConocoPhillips needed many baoding balls to train dexterity for their workers in Alaska.

Some employers use this tweezer dexterity test to test workers for hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. Just one example of many dexterity tests around which have standardized and statistical scoring of how well you perform.

Using baoding balls is just one way to build and improve dexterity. Other ways to refine manual dexterity are activities such as drawing, painting, woodcarving, jewelry making, knitting, cross-stitching, and playing an instrument. By doing these things, you can advance your skills in your career and enjoy what you do for a living for many years to come.

Performing arts with baoding balls

Baoding Ball Performing Arts

You probably have seen the posters for Shen Yun at sometime, a performing arts group that celebrates 5000 years of cultural dance and song from China. You might be surprised to know that there are also cultural performing arts of dance and baoding spinning. Here we take a look at a group performing dance with baoding balls.

Baoding balls are thousands of years old and a piece China’s ancient heritage. As one of the 3 treasures of Baoding, China, the performers dance with the baoding balls to show its significance in their culture and history.

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