Man doing tai chi with baoding balls

Tai Chi Routine with Baoding Balls

This Tai Chi instructor shows you several Tai Chi movements using baoding balls. If you practice Tai Chi, you can learn these movements and incorporate baoding balls into your own Tai Chi exercises.

This routine has five sections. Some moves have names which are shown in parenthesis.

Part 1: Individual

0:00 – Start from the beginning in a relaxed state.

Rotate balls and extend arm forward.

Turn body 180 degrees.

Switch extended arm.

Turn back around and extend both arms in opposite directions (Show wings and fly).

Turn body 180 degrees and switch arms.

Return to resting position (Drop wings and return to nest).


Part 2: Flying Phoenix

0:27 – Start from relaxed state.

Turn and squat with arms extended and hands above each other (Phoenix in the tree catching the wind).

Turn around standing with right arm stretched high and left arm low (Climb tree and open wings).

Turn around and lean to one side with arms extended and one hand above the other (Phoenix laying on tree branch observing the view).

Turn around with left arm stretched high and right arm low (100 birds bowing to the phoenix).

Return to resting position.


Part 3: Peacock with Open Wings

0:44 – Start from relaxed state.

Quarter turn and squat with right hand above the left against the body (Peacock go home).

Turn around and stretch arms above the head (Open wings for competition).

Turn around and lean left with right hand below left hand (Climb to top and rest).

Turn around and stretch arms above the head again (Whole yard full bloom).

Return to resting position.


Part 4: Rooster Crowing

1:03 – Start from relaxed state.

Right foot extend forward and cross arms across body with left arm behind you (Rooster crowing).

Turn around and switch foot and arms (Shake wings and change position).

Stand on one leg and move balls forward and then backwards (Golden rooster standing).

Turn around and stand on one leg and move balls forward and then to the side with open arms.

Return to resting position.

Part 5: Sun and Moon Shining Together

1:24 – Start from resting position.

Arms together and bend down moving hands in a circular motion forward and then backward.

Move arms behind you and then to the side.

Stand up and stretch arms forward.

Stretch arms above your head with your head lifted up and leaning back.

Return to resting position.

Help for Thumb Pain from Texting or Gaming

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and we are holding onto it all day long. We practically can’t function without them and it has created a problem for some. Tapping the screen all day has lead to repetitive stress conditions called “texting thumb” or “trigger thumb”. For gamers, it is referred to as “gamers thumb” and happens from gaming long hours with game controllers. Left untreated, the pain in the thumb can worsen and also cause tendinitis in the arm.

The official medial term for this condition is De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. Symptoms of this condition start with pain in the wrist below the base of the thumb. If not taken care of, your tendons become inflamed from overuse causing hand pain and in severe cases the need for surgery. Orthopedic doctors recommend these practices to help prevent getting to that point.

  • Keeping your elbows straight to not restrict blood flow or text with the phone on a table.
  • Switch to texting with your fingers on one hand while holding the phone in the other.
  • Use hands-free commands and voice recognition.
  • Do smartphone stretches by taking breaks to stretch your tendons and muscles.
  • Applying hot or cold compress to your tendons and muscles to relax them.
  • Massaging the hand to loosen the stiff muscles.

An Old Solution for a New Problem

As you can see, baoding balls can help prevent texting thumb by keeping your tendons and muscles nimble and stretched. The balls also have a massaging affect on the acupressure points in the hand.

If you are starting to experience symptoms such as stiffness, numbness, cramps, pain, or tingling when using your phone, it’s time to take action before it’s too late. Continuing to ignore the symptoms can lead to years of worse hand problems and symptoms that don’t go away without help from a doctor.

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