Left brain which handles logic and right brain which handles creativity.

Activating Your Left and Right Brain by Using Baoding Balls

The use of baoding balls to improve health is widely known. The effects on the meridians of the hands and the physical benefits of doing the exercises are often discussed when talking about the balls. However, I recently listened to a doctor discuss his experience with using baoding balls in a different aspect regarding the brain which was quite interesting.

You probably remember learning in school that the right side of the brain controls the left side of your body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body. So when you are using baoding balls with your right hand, it is activating your left brain because your left side of the brain is controlling the right hand. We also know the left and right sides of the brain have different strengths and functions. We call some people left brained if they are strong in logic and very analytical. Conversely, right brained people are very artistic and creative. Knowing this is how baoding balls can strengthen certain attributes.

Left Side of the Brain

  • Analytical / Logic
  • Language and Reading
  • Math
  • Speaking
  • Focuses on the Details

Right Side of the Brain

  • Creativity / Imagination
  • Expressing and Reading Emotions
  • Music
  • Intuition, Non-Verbal Communication
  • Seeing the Big Picture

So if there is an attribute you would like to strengthen, you could activate that side of the brain by using the balls with a particular hand. The doctor noticed this when his patients could communicate their condition better after using baoding balls to stimulate the left side of the brain.

On the other hand, the cerebellum which is located between the brain the your spinal cord is responsible for regulating motor skills and receiving sensory information. Your balance, coordination, posture, and sensory systems are affected by the cerebellum. With the cerebellum, the right side controls the right side of the body and the left side controls the left side of the body. So if a person has trouble with muscle control, balance, or signals causing pain which should not be, they could target the cerebellum by using baoding balls on the same side of the body as the problem area.

The observation was very interesting and makes a lot of sense. It could explain why some people get better in different ways other than health after using the balls. For example, while practicing music, you might want to use baoding balls with the left hand more and with the right more if you are doing math problems. In any case, we should remember to using baoding balls with both hands.

Vintage baoding balls of doves and chickens

Vintage Baoding Balls

The old saying “They don’t make them like they used to” can be said for many things including baoding balls. These days, quality can vary greatly depending on where you get them. In the old days, the balls were thicker and heavier, the designs more elaborate, and cases nicer. This post is a collection of vintage baoding balls showing you what some of the old baoding balls looked like many years ago, like an online museum. 

Notice in old baoding balls, they used a cloisonne enamel which have discolored over the years. Balls had more copper cloisonne shapes and thicker outlines. That is understandable because copper was not as expensive and the enamel likely had more impurities since they were made differently than the enamel they use today. There were also more factories and skilled artisans that could make these baoding balls back then. It takes many steps to hand make each ball so you can imagine as less factories are able to make them, you don’t see newer balls like the old ones.

Baoding Balls ASMR Relaxation

Baoding Balls ASMR Relaxation

Baoding Balls are an object that can induce ASMR, the ever so pleasant tingling sensation that occurs in your head. Experience relaxation with baoding balls just by watching and listening to them. Give it a try! Relax yourself, focus on the sounds, and watch the video. One tip is to try when you are about to sleep. Put on ear buds and watch to get sleepy. Then lie down, close your eyes, and listen to the sounds.

Credit to the video creator for posting it. If you felt relaxed, there are other videos like that you can find on YouTube.

What is ASMR?
ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and describes the feeling of euphoria that can be felt by someone when they watch certain images or, more commonly, listen to certain sounds. It seems to be almost ridiculously simple, but it is certainly a growing trend on channels such as YouTube and many people find it an incredibly effective way to relax.

What Does it Feel Like?
The most common term used to describe the physical feeling of ASMR is a delicious tingling sensation that begins with the scalp and travels down the spine. Some people liken it to being stroked gently by a significant other, while some people regard it as a more spiritual experience and feel as though they are literally being touched by Angelic or ethereal beings. It is always, without exception, a harmless and pleasurable experience and many people are embracing it with enthusiasm as a way to relax and de-stress.

How Does it Work?
This question is a little more difficult to answer as the “science” is new, and hard evidence has not been gathered in any meaningful form as yet. However, if you wish to experience it, as many do, try the internet based videos and audio clips for yourself and see if you can identify how the tingle is relaxing you. What is clear is that the people who share their views and experiences of ASMR are undoubtedly reporting a definite physical sensation that is both relaxing and comforting. The tingle can travel all over the body, to the hands and feet and along the limbs, relaxing and softening tension as it goes. Most commonly, the sensation is felt first in the scalp, where it can feel as if your head is being massaged tenderly by a caring and loving presence. The sense of deep relaxation and security or comfort then spreads to the spine and down to the lower back.

Can Anyone Benefit from ASMR?
In a word, yes, anyone can benefit from this form of relaxation, although of course some individuals may not be a susceptible as others to feeling it. It seems to have connections with our childhood sensations or experiences, and the triggers can be very unusual.

What Triggers an ASMR Session?
If you look at the video clips for ASMR you may be surprised! The common factor does seem to be a quiet, repetitive action that goes on for a considerable length of time. You may find clips showing someone turning the pages of a book, tapping their fingers on a hard surface, crinkling and smoothing out paper, folding towels, brushing their hair, or using a scythe on long grass. The tasks are simple and soothing, calming and repetitive and are very often accompanied by a very quiet commentary or voice over. Whispering has been found to be one of the most popular forms of ASMR, with a great number of people reporting that listening to a whispering voice helps them to fall asleep.

The Art of Chinese Yin Yang Baoding Ball Performance

The Art of Chinese Yin Yang Baoding Ball Performance

Did you know watching baoding balls can be calming too? Relax and enjoy watching this very skilled baoding ball performance called The Art of Chinese Yin Yang Baoding Ball. You’ll see some amazing baoding ball techniques rarely seen.

Notable Sections of the Performance

0:10 – 3 Ball Rotation

0:50 – 3 Ball Line Rotation

1:25 – 4 Ball Rotation

2:05 – 4 Ball Pyramid Rotation

3:25 – 5 Ball Pyramid Rotation

4:50 – 4 Ball Circular Movement

 7:00 – 7 Balls with Two Hands

 8:10 – 10 Balls with Two Hands

 9:30 – 8 Balls Pyramid

 11:45 – 7 Balls One Hand

 12:35 – 10 Balls


Monk meditating on a mountain

3 Tips for Meditating With Baoding Balls

Meditation is a great way to train your brain to focus and avoid unwanted thinking on stressful thoughts. It can help you clam and reduce stress from overthinking. To do that, you have to have your mind focus on something you can experience at the moment. Here are some ways to do that:

Focus on the Movement
When meditating with Baoding Balls it is best to start by concentrating on achieving a smooth and easy movement of the balls in your hand. Rotate the balls around in the palm of one hand until they begin to feel comfortable and familiar. At this stage you will probably like to watch the balls rotating but as you become more proficient you may also wish to close your eyes to add to the relaxation of the meditation exercise.

Focus on the rotation of the balls. Try pacing the rotation to be smooth and consistent. Challenge yourself to rotate the balls without them touching each other. While your concentration is trained on this aspect of their use, your mind has no room to worry about anything else, or to drift off into random thoughts.

Focus on the Sound
You can also use the chiming and clicking sounds of the baoding balls as a point of focus for a busy mind. Sit comfortably when you meditate and support the wrist of the hand you are using to hold the therapy balls by resting it on your thigh or the arm of a chair. Breathe in a relaxed and rhythmical way then take your awareness to the sound that the balls make as you manipulate them. Experiment with the sounds to see if you are able to lower or raise the pitch and tone produced. Your mind will begin to quieten and still as you focus on the chiming sounds and your meditative practice will be more beneficial.

Guide the Breath
Successful meditation relies on controlling your breath so that your body and your mind become still, quiet and relaxed. If you practice Tai Chi and Qigong you may already know that baoding balls can be used during the performance of many routines to enhance the physical benefits of the exercises. You may also be familiar with the practice of guiding the breath through the lao gong point in the hands. Use the baoding balls in a similar way by visualizing the breath entering the lungs on the first rotation and exiting on the next. The balls themselves can become conduits for guiding the breath once you have become comfortable with the visualization process. Some people like to use different colors to represent the in and the out breath and if you use decorated or colored balls in your meditation this can add another dimension to the enjoyment of the exercise.

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