How to Select Baoding Balls

If you would like to purchase a Baoding ball for yourself with an eye towards becoming a serious practitioner, usually it is best to examine the size of your hand first. Generally, the taller your height, the bigger your hand.

Baoding balls are made in different sizes. Children can use the balls measuring 35 millimeters while tall adults can rely on the balls measuring up to 55 millimeters.  For an average woman, 35mm to 40mm balls are recommended and 40 to 50 mm balls are suggested for an average man.  If you plan to use more than 2 balls per hand, then look towards the smaller balls unless you are an expert.

Using Baoding balls takes some getting used to. To start, take at least 2 balls and place them in your palm. New practitioners should look for balls that are small at the start, then get balls which are larger as proficiency in rotation goes up to a certain degree. Rely on your hand’s dexterity to rotate the balls in a direction which feels most natural for you. You might want to tilt hand in different angles to get the most benefits based on gravity. Once you have mastered rotation in one direction, try rotating the Baoding balls in the opposite direction. You ought to be able to comfortably rotate the balls in either direction after some time spent practicing.

You may attempt to rotate the balls so they will not hit one another. Baoding balls can be rotated so smoothly by practitioners that they will not hit each other at all. But make sure you switch hands every so often so that one hand will not become more dexterous than the other. You can later use bigger balls as your hands become stronger. Over a 15-minute period, you will find that your hands, shoulders, and forearms are getting a great workout.

With practice, you can be skilled enough to rotate 80 balls like this guy. (kidding)

Most people will find it helpful to manipulate baoding balls and particularly the elderly since the activity is a gentle one. Dexterity improves through practice of the rotation of health balls, while blood circulation and inner energy (or Qi) are also enhanced. When other activities are added, such as walking on pebble paths or Tai Chi, the health benefits are maximized.

Take care of your health balls by keeping them dry and clean. Balls which are made of metal should be kept dry. Try to prevent having the balls violently impact on one another and against other hard surfaces (though the balls are usually tough and durable).  If your metal balls are going to be stored for a long time, it is recommended that the owner wax or grease the balls before storage for maintenance and preservation purposes.

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